BPC – Introduction to Buddhism

This course aims to introduce Buddhism for those with little or no knowledge of the subject, and who are interested to learn more. It also prepares participants who are interested to enroll for the Diploma in Buddhism course. It is a basic foundational programme conducted twice a year, commencing usually in February and July.

Introduction to Buddhism CourseProgramme Title
13 Jul - 14 Sep 2022Date
Every Wednesday 7:30pm to 9:30pmTime
10 WeeksCourse Length
2nd Floor - Chew Quee Neo Hall Venue
No Age LimitAge group
By donationFees

Sis. Lynn 82889888

BPC (Buddhist and Pali College) Alumni of Singapore
Sister Lynn and sister Jasmine
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Experienced Dhamma TeachersConducted by
Freedom of Inquiry in Buddhism
Life of the Buddha
3 Characteristics of Existence
4 Noble Truths and Noble 8 Fold Path
Rebirth and Karma
Buddhist Texts
How to Practise Buddhism
Different Buddhist Traditions
Meaning of Common Buddhist Rituals and Chanting
Buddhist Meditation
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