Pali Chanting Classes – from Jul to Dec

MV’s late founder and religious teacher, Bhante Mahaweera believed in imparting the Buddha’s teachings to the members and devotees of Mangala Vihara. He said learning the Dhamma alone is not enough, we need to learn and recite the Suttas for our protection, increase in faith, wisdom and understanding. Late Bhante started these classes to give us the opportunity to learn chanting for our well-being.

The classes will commence after the Vassana invitation to the Sangha from July to December. Classes will not be conducted on all New Moon and Full Moon days.


Day (Jul to Dec)TimeClassRemarks
Monday7.45 – 9.30 pmPath Of Emancipation Path Of EmancipationFor beginners
Tuesday7.45 – 9.30 pmThe Great Book of Protection (Big Suttas) The Great Book Of Protection
– Parts 1 & 2
Must complete Path of Emancipation
Wednesday7.45 – 9.30 pmThe Great Book of Protection (Big Suttas)
– Parts 3 & 4 Abhidhamma Chanting
Must complete Parts 1 & 2
Friday7.45 – 9.30 pmThe Great Book of Protection (Big Suttas)
– Parts 1 to 4
Revision – must complete Parts 1 - 4
Sunday12.30 – 1.30 pmMaranasati (english)Maransati

Maranasati (chinese) Maransati
Verses recited at services for wakes.


Path of Emancipation: This book is a collection of Suttas, precepts and salutation, which are chanted during puja services.  Puja allows us to express our gratitude and respect for the Buddha and his teachings. We remind ourselves on the nature of existence and the way of life, leading to the wisdom and compassion of enlightenment. Through dwelling on these teachings, we may absorb them more deeply and find our lives changing for the better, as we become wiser and more compassionate towards ourselves and others.


The Great Book of Protection: This book is a collection of Suttas extracted from the five Nikayas. When recited with sincerity and full concentration will give holy protection and spiritual blessing to oneself and those who hear the chanting.


Maranasati: This book is a collection of Suttas that are chanted during funeral and wake services.  At the end of Maranasati chanting and having accumulated merits, we transfer all these merits to the departed ones in order to assist them in having better births, happier lives and finally to realize Nibbāna, the cessation of all suffering.