Mdm Chew Quee Neo


Madam Chew Quee Neo was a Peranakan and the daughter of a rich merchant, Chew Joo Chiat in the 19th century (after whom Joo Chiat Road was named).  She had vowed to build a Buddhist temple if her family was saved from the ravages of World War II (1942-1945).

By 1958, Ven. Mahaweera was looking for a temple for the congregation.  Wee Tin Guan, also a Peranakan and a close disciple of Ven. Mahaweera who knew Madam Chew Que Neo, introduced her to the Venerable.

Madam Chew had earlier seen Ven. Mahaweera perform the funeral service for her late husband, Lee Tian Seck and was impressed by the Theravada Buddhist service which was simple, uncomplicated but meaningful.

Ven. Mahaweera accepted the generous donation of this piece of land by Madam Chew.  Together with Mr. Fong Peck Yew, President of the Singapore Buddhist Pali Society, Ven. Mahaweera set about putting up Mangala Vihara on the land, after receiving a cash donation from the family of Madam Chew.


Memorial Service of Mdm Chew Quee Neo

11 DecMemorial Service of late Benefactress,
Mdm Chew Quee Neo