MVDF – Dhamma Talk : Audio & Video Recordings


DateTopicSub Group
20 Aug 20A Dhamma Talk “How to Stabilize Our Emotion “ by Bhante Cakkapala – A Video RecordingRCD
13 Aug 20A Dhamma Talk “How to Love Without Attachment “ by Bhante Cakkapala – A Video RecordingRCD
3 Apr 20"Will Buddhism Disappear from the World" by Bhante Rathanasara delivered on June 24th 2019RCD
2 Apr 20“Buddhist Guidelines to Manage Negative Emotions” by Bhante Pemaratana delivered on July 18th 2019. RCD
24 Nov 19”Different levels of Buddhist Practice” by Bhante Cakkapala delivered at Buddhist FellowshipRCD
14 Nov 19A video recording “How to Cultivate a Mature Mind” by Venerable Cakkapala delivered on October 21st 2019RCD
13 Nov 19A video recording “How do Buddhists perceive the ghost festival in the 7th month?” by Venerable Chuan Guan delivered on September 23rd 2019RCD
4 Nov 19A video recording “What causes hatred and enmity” by Venerable Phra Ajahn Kheng delivered on Oct 14 2019RCD
25 Jul 19Video Recording “What Makes A Sappurisa (Good and Worthy Person)?” by Sister Sylvia BayRCD
27 Jun 19Video Recording “Mirage” by Sister Sylvia BayRCD
17 Jun 19A Video Recording :“IQ & EQ in Buddhism” by Bhante CakkapalaRCD
21 Apr 19A Video Recording : “Nama and Rupa” by Venerable PanditRCD
27 Mar 19Video Recording: “Dhamma Learning and Application in Daily Life” by Venerable Chuan GuanRCD
22 Mar 19Video Recording: Kalama Sutta by Ashin CakkapalaRCD
10 Mar 19Video Recording: Compassion in Daily Life by Venerable CakkapalaRCD
8 Mar 19Video Recording The importance of Dhamma and Meditation by Venerable CittaraRCD
7 Mar 19Video Recording - Dhamma Talk on Vipassana Meditation by Ashin KelasaRCD
15 Nov 18A video recording: “Contentment” by Bhante CakkapalaRCD
26 Oct 18“Living like an Arahant” by Bhante CakkapalaRCD
22 Oct 18A video recording –“Scientific Religion in Modern World” by Bhante Kanugoile RathanasaraRCD
15 Sep 18"A video recording: Connecting the Dots: Understanding Dhamma in totality” by Sylvia BayRCD
9 Aug 18The Core Democratic Values Found in Buddhist Teachings by Venerable U Cittara – a video recordingRCD
18 Jul 18An audio and video recording "Monastic Life Past and Present" by Bhante CakkapalaRCD
22 May 18An audio recording “Happiness is Free” by Bhante BuddharakkitaRCD
6 Mar 18An audio recording “Protection in Buddhist perspective" by Phra Ajaan Keng RCD
13 Feb 18“Those who know speak little” Audio recording of Dhamma Talk by Sister Sylvia Bay RCD
1 Nov 17“Three types of happiness” by Bhante Cakkapala RCD
4 Oct 17“Should Buddhists be conservative?” by Venerable Kanugoile Rathanasara RCD
19 Sep 17Two aspects of moralityRCD
12 Sep 17Criteria of a BuddhistRCD
29 Aug 17How to maintain happiness in a developed societyRCD
3 July 17How to read sutta and what are the benefitsRCD
24 May 17Have I used my wealth skilfully?RCD
7 Mar 17Why do you need merits?RCD
28 Feb 17Balance in the Dhamma JourneyRCD
9 Nov 16Dhamma in daily lifeRCD
25 Oct 16Is it a taboo to talk about death?RCD
8 Sep 16Buddhism in a NutshellRCD
30 Aug 16Effects of the law of Kamma in our lives RCD
6 Jul 16EnlightenmentRCD
1 Jun 16Kamma Fact and Fiction by Bhante DhammikaRCD
12 Apr 16 The Way to Heaven RCD
6 Sep 15Walking the Path in Daily LifeRCD
30 Mar 15War and BuddhismRCD