Meditation in English (Saturday)


Programme TitleBasic Meditation Course in English
VenueDue to the Coronavirus situation, the Aug medication course will be conducted via live stream on:
Zoom (for those who have already pre-registered)
Date and TimeBhante is away oversea since Feb 2022, will update once he is back.

Course intakes - March, June and September (thrice yearly)

Please note the time has been changed.
Time: 12.30 pm to 2.00 pm
Age groupAll ages
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Maureen Aw Tel: 9628-2069
Organized byMV
Conducted byVen. Cittara
Course Content(Live streaming class may differ)
1. What is Meditation? Why Meditation and how to do Sitting Meditation?
2. What is Mindfulness and Concentration Meditation?
3. How to do Walking Meditation?
4. Hindrances of Meditation and how to overcome them?
5. What is Vipassana Meditation? Retreat Orientation.
6. Meditation Retreat and Meditation in Daily Life.

First hour - Lessons by Venerable Cittara
Second hour - Meditation practice and Q & A Session

Dress CodeNo shorts and no spaghetti blouses
Q & AQ&A on meditation
Q&A on other matters