Vesak Day


1 JunVesak Eve (Mahasamaya recitation)
2 JunVesak Day

Due to Covid19, some of the activities below may be different (May 2022).

We celebrate Vesak in May every year, and on this thrice-blessed day, all Buddhists rejoice and celebrate the birth of Prince Siddhartha, the Enlightenment of ascetic Gotama and the Maha Parinibana of Lord Buddha.

After many aeons practicing the paramis (perfections), the Bodhisatta (Buddha-to-be) attained Samma-Sambuddhahood at Bodhgaya, India on Vesak morning, solving the mystery of beings’ wandering in samsara (cycle of births and deaths).  The Buddha said that by putting forth effort and energy to walk the Noble Eightfold Path, we can, in this very lifetime attain the same emancipation and bliss of Nibbana.

“You yourselves should make the exertion.  The Tathagatas are mere Teachers”‘; “All component things are subject to chagnes.  Strive on with diligence” said the Buddha.


Recitation of Mahasamaya Sutta

During evening puja at 7pm on Vesak Eve.

Mahasamaya Sutta is the Great Assembly of Deities, to bless 5,000 bottles of Holy water and five colored threads for distribution on Vesak Day.

Benefits of reciting the Mahasamaya Sutta

  • being loved and protected by deities
  • attainment of analytic insight and Nibbana


Vesak Day Blessings

The Monks will be in te shrine Hall to bless members and devotees while reciting verses of Blessing, please check program sheet for details.


Buddha Relic and Sivali Relic Exhibition

Buddha’s relic

Sivali’s relic

The Sacred Buddha Relic and Arahant Sivali Relic will be exhibited in the Shrine Hall, from 9 to 3pm on Vesak Day.






Candle Light Procession

After the evening puja at 6.30pm, caskets holding the Buddha and Arahant Sivali relics will be mounted on two palanquins and carried by male appointed volunteers in a candlelight procession.  The procession will go three times round the temple premises.  Others in the procession include children from Sunday Dhamma Class and devotees carrying yellow candles and joss-sticks.  Upon completion of the procession, everyone will assemble in the Shrine Hall for blessings and transferring of merits.