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VideoChanting for the Sick
With Pali, English and Chinese subtitles.
Panca Sila
Buddha Vandana
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Mahakassapatthera Bojjhangam
Mahamoggallanatthera Bojjhangam
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Metta Suttam

You can also participate in the weekly Bojjhanga chanting for well being and recovery of the sick.


宗旨 Mission




Apart from Lord Buddha who had attained Enlightenment, Arahants and Ariyas with Path and Fruition knowledge, we worldlings are in constant struggle with the defilements that come with Birth, Ageing, sickness and death.

The Spiritual Support Group aims at providing timely comfort to those in needs through blessing, chanting and Dhamma Sharing, helping them to overcome their current predicaments with Faith and courage.

Friends who are keen to learn chanting for blessing and radiate their loving kindness, may contact:


心灵 。心语  Voices of the heart

因为活动的对象,我们经常周旋于各医院,殡仪馆,吊唁处与住家,看到各修行程度的人在面 临困境的反应而了解修行的重要性。 参与活动让我在佛法的学习与禅修的实践上事半功倍,法喜充满。 Sadhu! Sadhu! Sadhu! (仪尧)

Because of targeted group, we frequent hospitals, funeral parlours, wakes and homes and see how individuals, with different levels of cultivation, react in times of calamity. These help me realise the importance of practice in spiritual cultivation. As a result of active involvement in activities, I am able to understand and practise Dhamma with relative ease. Sadhu! Sadhu! Sadhu! (Janet Tan)