MVDF Articles – Buddhism In Daily Life

DateTopicSub Group
6 Nov 23From a Bandit to an Arahant and Others - The Angulimala Saga and Others
10 May 23Is there a Creator God or gods, devas or deities in Buddhism? - A Personal PerspectiveBID
29 Aug 22 Classification of Dana: Amisa, Abhaya & Dhamma Dana BID
3 May 22A Tribute to the Founder of For You Information Buddhist magazineBID
2 Apr 22Sigalovada Sutta – The Lay People‘s Codes of DisciplineBID
1 Mar 22The Three Significant Alms Food BID
1 Feb 22Nimitta – “Omen” or “Sign”BID
1 Jan 22Merit Transfer – A Predicament or Practice BID
19 Oct 21My mind and body hate each other! – A reflection of an experience in learning meditationBID
8 Sep 21Kathina or Robe Offering – A Theravada TraditionBID
1 Jun 21Remembering the Departed Ones - A Buddhist perspective on Ghosts, Petas or SpiritsBID
4 Jun 20The challenge – Propagating the Dhamma during the COVID-19 pandemicBID
17 Nov 19The Mangala Vihara Dhamma Fellowship celebrates 10th AnniversaryBID
14 Feb 19 Mangala Vihara Dhamma Fellowship Chinese New Year Get-Together 2019BID
3 Jun 18Mangala Vihara Dhamm Fellowship Celebrates Vesak Day 2018BID
12 Feb 18 Mangala Vihara Dhamma Fellowship’s Chinese New Year “Lo Hei” (捞起) luncheon gathering 2018 – zodiac sign for the Year of the DogBID
11 Jan 18
Buddhism in Daily Life – Class 2018
2 Feb 17MV Dhamma Fellowship Committee Lo Hei (捞起) Gathering in the Lunar New Year of the RoosterBID
22 May 16MV Dhamma Fellowship’s Vesak Day Celebration 2016BID
15 Feb 16MV Dhamma Fellowship second Chinese New Year dana luncheonBID
5 Feb 16Pre-Chinese New Year lohei (捞起) dana lunchBID
10 Nov 15Sajjhayana Chanting Ceremony at Sri Lankaramaya Buddhist TempleBID
6 Nov 15Six visiting bhikkhus from Buddhist and Pali University, Sri LankaBID
1 Jun 15MV Dhamma Fellowship 2015 Vesak Day CelebrationBID
1 Mar 15MV Dhamma Fellowship’s Lunar New Year Lo Hei (捞起)Luncheon Get TogetherBID
14 Sep 14MV Dhamma Fellowship’s Temple Visits rekindle historical ties with Sri Lankaramaya Temple
and Burmese Buddhist Temple
15 Mar 14Qing Ming – a Buddhist perspectiveBID