MVDF Articles, Audio & Video Recordings

DateTopicSub Group
14 Jun 23Buddhism and Relics Worship – Basic UnderstandingSSC
10 May 23Is there a Creator God or gods, devas or deities in Buddhism? - A Personal PerspectiveBID
28 Nov 22 A Mother’s Trust – Sudinna (the Kalandaka Merchant’s Son)SSC
29 Aug 22 Classification of Dana: Amisa, Abhaya & Dhamma Dana BID
18 Jul 22 Generosity, Giving, Liberality or Offering – (A Basic Understanding in the Pali Canon)SSC
3 May 22A Tribute to the Founder of For You Information Buddhist magazineBID
2 Apr 22Sigalovada Sutta – The Lay People‘s Codes of DisciplineBID
1 Mar 22The Three Significant Alms Food BID
1 Feb 22Nimitta – “Omen” or “Sign”BID
1 Jan 22Merit Transfer – A Predicament or Practice BID
19 Oct 21My mind and body hate each other! – A reflection of an experience in learning meditationBID
8 Sep 21Kathina or Robe Offering – A Theravada TraditionBID
1 Aug 21Asalha Puja DaySSC
5 Jul21A Buddhist perspective on Filial PietySSC
1 Jun 21Remembering the Departed Ones - A Buddhist perspective on Ghosts, Petas or SpiritsBID
1 May 21A Buddhist perspective on Global warming and the End of the World SyndromeSSC
10 Apr 21Four Places of Pilgrimage According to Buddhist ScripturesSSC
20 Aug 20A Dhamma Talk “How to Stabilize Our Emotion “ by Bhante Cakkapala – A Video RecordingRCD
13 Aug 20A Dhamma Talk “How to Love Without Attachment “ by Bhante Cakkapala – A Video RecordingRCD
18 Jul 20A personal reflection on the annual Pindapata DayPDPT
4 Jun 20The challenge – Propagating the Dhamma during the COVID-19 pandemicBID
3 Apr 20"Will Buddhism Disappear from the World" by Bhante Rathanasara delivered on June 24th 2019RCD
2 Apr 20“Buddhist Guidelines to Manage Negative Emotions” by Bhante Pemaratana delivered on July 18th 2019. RCD
24 Nov 19”Different levels of Buddhist Practice” by Bhante Cakkapala delivered at Buddhist FellowshipRCD
17 Nov 19The Mangala Vihara Dhamma Fellowship celebrates 10th AnniversaryBID
14 Nov 19A video recording “How to Cultivate a Mature Mind” by Venerable Cakkapala delivered on October 21st 2019RCD
13 Nov 19A video recording “How do Buddhists perceive the ghost festival in the 7th month?” by Venerable Chuan Guan delivered on September 23rd 2019RCD
4 Nov 19A video recording “What causes hatred and enmity” by Venerable Phra Ajahn Kheng delivered on Oct 14 2019RCD
28 Oct 19An epic time voyage with MVDF as it celebrates its 10th AnniversaryOTHERS
11 Aug 19The Mangala Vihara Dhamma Fellowship celebrates Seventh Pindapata DayPDPT
25 Jul 19Video Recording “What Makes A Sappurisa (Good and Worthy Person)?” by Sister Sylvia BayRCD
27 Jun 19Video Recording “Mirage” by Sister Sylvia BayRCD
17 Jun 19A Video Recording :“IQ & EQ in Buddhism” by Bhante CakkapalaRCD
21 Apr 19A Video Recording : “Nama and Rupa” by Venerable PanditRCD
20 Apr 19Pindapata at Taman Bodhi Asri, MedanPDPT
27 Mar 19Video Recording: “Dhamma Learning and Application in Daily Life” by Venerable Chuan GuanRCD
22 Mar 19Video Recording: Kalama Sutta by Ashin CakkapalaRCD
10 Mar 19Video Recording: Compassion in Daily Life by Venerable CakkapalaRCD
8 Mar 19Video Recording The importance of Dhamma and Meditation by Venerable CittaraRCD
7 Mar 19Video Recording - Dhamma Talk on Vipassana Meditation by Ashin KelasaRCD
14 Feb 19 Mangala Vihara Dhamma Fellowship Chinese New Year Get-Together 2019BID
30 Jan 19Community Outreach reaches out to celebrate CNY Festival with Eunos Crescent senior citizensOUTREACH
15 Nov 18A video recording: “Contentment” by Bhante CakkapalaRCD
26 Oct 18“Living like an Arahant” by Bhante CakkapalaRCD
22 Oct 18A video recording –“Scientific Religion in Modern World” by Bhante Kanugoile RathanasaraRCD
17 Sep 18The Mangala Vihara Dhamma Fellowship rejoices Mid-Autumn Festival with senior citizens of Eunos CrescentOUTREACH
15 Sep 18"A video recording: Connecting the Dots: Understanding Dhamma in totality” by Sylvia BayRCD
24 Aug 18A video recording: The Mangala Vihara Dhamma Fellowship’s Sixth Pindapata DayPDPT
12 Aug 18The Mangala Vihara Dhamma Fellowship celebrates 6th Pindapata DayPDPT
9 Aug 18The Core Democratic Values Found in Buddhist Teachings by Venerable U Cittara – a video recordingRCD
18 Jul 18An audio and video recording "Monastic Life Past and Present" by Bhante CakkapalaRCD
3 Jul 18A Cambodian Trip - Visit to the Temples of Angkor and others OTHERS
3 Jun 18Mangala Vihara Dhamm Fellowship Celebrates Vesak Day 2018BID
22 May 18An audio recording “Happiness is Free” by Bhante BuddharakkitaRCD
6 Mar 18An audio recording “Protection in Buddhist perspective" by Phra Ajaan Keng RCD
26 Feb 18”A new milestone for Sutta Study Class 2018 with video recording”
13 Feb 18“Those who know speak little” Audio recording of Dhamma Talk by Sister Sylvia Bay RCD
12 Feb 18 Mangala Vihara Dhamma Fellowship’s Chinese New Year “Lo Hei” (捞起) luncheon gathering 2018 – zodiac sign for the Year of the DogBID
5 Feb 18Community Outreach celebrates Chinese New Year festive with senior citizens of Eunos CrescentOUTREACH
11 Jan 18
Buddhism in Daily Life – Class 2018
22 Dec 17“ Changed in opening hours of MV Library and the emergence of MV eLibrary ”LIBRARY
19 Dec 17“A pictorial tour of archaeological sites and monuments in Southern India”OTHERS
17 Dec 17“The Medan Trip 2017”OTHERS
4 Dec 17“From ground breaking to grand opening of Buoddha Dharmapithamu”OTHERS
1 Nov 17“Three types of happiness” by Bhante Cakkapala RCD
4 Oct 17“Should Buddhists be conservative?” by Venerable Kanugoile Rathanasara RCD
3 Oct 17The Community Outreach programme celebrates Mid-Autumn festival (中秋节)with senior citizens of Eunos CrescentOUTREACH
19 Sep 17Two aspects of moralityRCD
12 Sep 17Criteria of a BuddhistRCD
29 Aug 17How to maintain happiness in a developed societyRCD
23 Aug 17 A personal tagged-along-visit to the hin Gyi Pyaw Monastic Education SchoolOTHERS
12 Aug 17 MV Dhamma Fellowship celebrates 5th Pindpata Day PDPT
3 July 17How to read sutta and what are the benefitsRCD
26 May 17eLibraryLIBRARY
24 May 17Have I used my wealth skilfully?RCD
7 Mar 17Why do you need merits?RCD
28 Feb 17Balance in the Dhamma JourneyRCD
18 Feb 17A Revisit – “The Swastika (卐) A Symbol of Buddhism or Nazism?”OTHERS
13 Feb 17“Abhidhamma in Daily Life” – a New Course
2 Feb 17MV Dhamma Fellowship Committee Lo Hei (捞起) Gathering in the Lunar New Year of the RoosterBID
22 Jan 17OUTREACH ushers the Year of the Fire Rooster with Senior Citizens at Eunos CrescentOUTREACH
21 Jan 17A Follow up Humanitarian Trip to Myanmar 2016OUTREACH
9 Nov 16Dhamma in daily lifeRCD
27 Oct 16 Medan Trip with Ajahn Keng Khemako and Bhikkhu Lee
25 Oct 16Is it a taboo to talk about death?RCD
12 Sep 16Mid-Autumn Festival celebration with senior citizens of Eunos CrescentOUTREACH
8 Sep 16Buddhism in a NutshellRCD
30 Aug 16Effects of the law of Kamma in our lives RCD
10 Aug 16MV Dhamma Fellowship celebrates 4th Pindapata DayPDPT
6 Jul 16EnlightenmentRCD
17 Jul 16Day trippers to Santi Forest Monastery

26 Jul 16MV Dhamma Fellowship ActivitiesOUTREACH
13 Jun 16A Short Medan tripOTHERS
1 Jun 16Kamma Fact and Fiction by Bhante DhammikaRCD
22 May 16MV Dhamma Fellowship’s Vesak Day Celebration 2016BID
19 May 16Laughter Yoga ClassOUTREACH
12 Apr 16 The Way to Heaven RCD
15 Feb 16MV Dhamma Fellowship second Chinese New Year dana luncheonBID
5 Feb 16Pre-Chinese New Year lohei (捞起) dana lunchBID
1 Feb 16MVDF Outreach Programme – bringing CNY joy to senior citizens of Eunos CrescentOUTREACH
27 Jan 16Mangala Vihara Dhamma Fellowship Outreach External Programme – a debut humanitarian trip to MyanmarOUTREACH
1 Dec 15A review of Sutta Study Class 2015SSC
10 Nov 15Sajjhayana Chanting Ceremony at Sri Lankaramaya Buddhist TempleBID
8 Nov 15Laughter YogaOUTREACH
6 Nov 15Six visiting bhikkhus from Buddhist and Pali University, Sri LankaBID
7 Sep 15Mangala Vihara (Buddhist Temple) Donation for Myanmar Flood ReliefOUTREACH
6 Sep 15Walking the Path in Daily LifeRCD
2 Sep 15The Past Buddhas and the Future Buddha MetteyyaSSC
10 Aug 15MV Dhamma Fellowship Celebrates 3rd Pindapata DayPDPT
1 Jun 15MV Dhamma Fellowship 2015 Vesak Day CelebrationBID
15 Apr 15Knowing how Suttas are cited in various manners from the NikayasSSC
30 Mar 15War and BuddhismRCD
1 Mar 15MV Dhamma Fellowship’s Lunar New Year Lo Hei (捞起)Luncheon Get TogetherBID
9 Feb 15MV Dhamma Fellowship Outreach reaches out with early Chinese New Year joyOUTREACH
8 Feb 15Sutta Study Class 2015SSC
25 Jan 15Revival and automation of Mangala Vihara LibraryLIBRARY
24 Dec 14Sutta Study Class – Learning in ‘3D’imensionsSSC
5 Nov 14Acquisition of books for the revamped Mangala Vihara LibraryLIBRARY
14 Sep 14MV Dhamma Fellowship’s Temple Visits rekindle historical ties with Sri Lankaramaya Temple
and Burmese Buddhist Temple
31 Aug 14’Outreach’ reaches out and celebrates Mid-Autumn festival with elderly citizens of Eunos CrescentOUTREACH
9 Aug 14MV Dhamma Fellowship celebrates Second Pindapata DayPDPT
5 Jul 14A visit to Aganta Caves and other Buddhist places in Southern IndiaOTHERS
15 Mar 14Qing Ming – a Buddhist perspectiveBID
6 Feb 14PindapataPDPT
21 Sep 13Learning the Suttas – A Personal Experience & ApproachSSC
11 Aug 13MV Pindapata Day PDPT