Intensive Practical Meditation

27th Feb to 27th Mar 2021

Conducted by : Venerable U Cittara
Samantha and Vipassana Meditation

This Intensive, practical Meditation course is designed so that practitioners can get some level of Basic Concentration, and a better understanding of meditation practice.

Conditions for practitioners:
a. must be in good health
b. need to answer questions raised by Bhante during the weekly interview

1st Day27 Feb
2nd Day6 Mar
3rd Day13 Mar
4th Day20 Mar
5th Day27 Mar

Group 1

  • Time: 3 to 7pm
  • Young and healthy

Group 2

  • Time: 4 to 7pm
  • Senior and those with back injury

No. of Participants : 30 (max)
Closing Date: 20th Feb 2021
Email to : Maureen Aw
(Include your Name, Contacts, Age and Meditation experience. We will inform you accordingly.)